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Thomas Verheydt


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1 hour ago, Lord Pityme said:

The only confusing thing on this thread is that there are still some posters believe St Ricky isnt a resident poster under another name taking the pish? Ffs he doesnt have to take it, some of you are giving it away!

You are no doubt correct. Troll or not, its still time to put a f**king sock in it.

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4 hours ago, Kemp said:

What utter bollocks you lying old fraud.

Besides, Isle of Bute Saint has been to the mainland thousands of times and still can't speak a f**king word of English.

Dutch, Afrikaans and now Zulu. What pish you talk. Just hearing a language does not make you speak it :lol:

Why Kemp, I do believe you are a little riled. Don't forget to add Xhosa into that mix. Strangely perhaps, most people learn a language by both hearing and speaking them. As for me, I suggested that my Afrikans is better than my Dutch but claim no special talents in any. I really did enjoy though meetinh so many people from different backgrounds. Very eye opening. Take that passion to the game today. Come on the Saints. 

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26 minutes ago, Dirty Sanchez said:

KLM from Amsterdam due in to Paisley at 9.45PM tonight. 

Did that guy with the Indian headdress and the scarves tied to his wrists not used to work at the airport?

Get him down to arrivals in full regalia as a welcoming committee.

Did flag man work at the airport, imagine that lunatic greeting you with your name on his card.

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FFS, just looking at how his current team finished last season.

They had a Ham**rby style shit show in the promotion play-off final.

0-0 in the away leg.

0-2 down at home. Went 3-2 up.

About to lose on away goals at 3-3.

Score in the 89th minute to go 4-3 up, with promotion beckoning.

Shipped two goals in stoppage time to lose 4-5, the 2nd of which was scored by none other than Mario Bilate, whom Stubbs took to Spain with us last season! FFS.


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