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St Mirren Official Match Programme

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5 minutes ago, Dickson said:

Just had a wee read through Shulls posts on this. It made me chuckle. My youngest son is now a fully qualified graphics designer working for an agency that serves mainly sporting clients. He too is hugely critical of the St Mirren programme covers. Unfortunately I think St Mirren gave up much of it's editorial control over the programmes when they moved the service to a more generic company when Gordon Scott took over as Chairman. 

I find the content very good and enjoy the read .. 

I dislike the boring and bland Cover .. 

I don't expect them to change it every match . However ,every now and again a Retro Cover could be done or something else original .Even a special Cover to suit an occasion like at Christmas or Remembrance weekend .. 

Aberdeen do it all the time and are rewarded with having Programme of the Year most Seasons .. 

Curtis Sports produce our Programmes but the folk at St Mirren have final word regarding the Cover .. 

Curtis Sports assist Aberdeen and would help us do something different ,, if asked .


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4 minutes ago, Dickson said:

I was disappointed when they moved the contract to Curtis after a supposed Community buy out. It didn't seem like the right thing to do to move the business away from a local printing company to a more generic company in Walsall. I commented on it at the time Other than that Shull I don't really have much of an opinion on it.

My son does - but then he's a bit of a chip off the old block 🙂 I'm no expert on graphics design or on artwork but I would agree with you that these look really bland and uninspired. 

Maybe , your son could approach the Club and give them fresh ideas .

I have tried three times and been totally blanked by the Programme people although the person I initially contacted was brilliant and very enthusiastic about different Covers .. 

The Programme folk must read the Forum and realised my real name thanks to a fecking weirdo sweetie wife .. So any input from me was booted tae feck .


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We finished 9th in the Scottish Premiership Programme of the Year.

I am not surprised to see Aberdeen as the winners.

1 Aberdeen
2 Celtic

3 Sevco
4 Hearts
5 Motherwell
6 St.Johnstone
7 Hibernian
8 Kilmarnock
9 St.Mirren
10 Hamilton
No programmes produced by Livingston and Ross County

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I am delighted we are still producing a Match Programme, so well done to those involved.

All Clubs should try do a Programme for all matches , just as a matter of record and history.

Anyway, and unfortunately our Cover is still very poor.

Boring and bland



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