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Albion Rovers v St Mirren

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So 92-99 just didn't happen ? It's a poor start but a long way from the worst in living memory.

Didn’t say it was the worst mate but, if we’re getting into it, tell me the last time ANY Saints team played consecutive games v teams from, at least, 3 divisions below and failed to score from open play.

I’ll wait........

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Draw renders the extra point from penalty win meaningless. Out of the League Cup before the end of July.
So no recenue generating extended cup run.
Not looking good for the league.

Really struggling to see any positives for the season ahead.

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Oh aye so we did forgot aboot that  how did that work out then ? did we then run amok in the premiership 

This time last year we were putting 6 past Dumbarton and qualifying for the next round!

We then beat Dundee in the league. Defeats at Ibrox and Tynecastle were expected.

Stubbs was hounded out for losing one match at home to Livingston by the lynch mob!

This is worse than Stubbs!

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2 minutes ago, BuddieinEK said:
3 minutes ago, herman_munster said:
he's sponsored by desperate dan

It's one thing for him to poke fun at himself... but your jibe was personal and uncalled for.

which jibe was that? he did get sacked from albion rovers for being 20 stone,

by any measure and on any planet anybody else would have been embarrassed

to take to the field in that state.

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