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Albion Rovers v St Mirren


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8 minutes ago, Lord Pityme said:

Has he fallen oot with another manager? I would imagine Goody's opinion of what a captain should be is a lot like he was?

I know, what's he like? Fell out with Ross, Kearney, who both stripped him of the captaincy and dropped him from the team. Now he's gone and done it again. 

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As much as I think McKenzie has been one of the better signings in the last 4 or 5 years I was surprised he was given another new deal (unless the new deal took account of his injury problems). While he has played a decent number of games in his first couple of seasons he has been injured every season - partly down to throwing his body in harm's way for the sake of the team, last season I think he only featured in six games or thereabouts.

I think he has started every season injured? Your right though, the big man has done us a good turn but unfortunately can’t be relied upon anymore

League starts since he came in have been 29, 14 and 5 last season
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Just now, Dibbles old paperboy said:

BBC updates are not saying whether Goodwin was in our dug out in plenty of time before the game got underway.

I get your humour. Trust me you would like ELS if you met him he is an absolute die hard look where he travels from. Great company also. 

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