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Welcome Kyle McAllister and Calum Waters

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1 minute ago, donport said:

Sorry, but there has been no mention of Kyle on OS or Sky, only Waters on both!!


Worried, so have we actually signed him on a 3 year deal? All a bit scary??

I’ve been checking the OS since I seen the BBC story mentioned, wondering the same. Hoping Saints just wanted to wait til nearer the end of the day to announce it!

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4 minutes ago, donport said:

Hi Cornwall hope you are well bud?  To be honest signing Kyle on a 3 deal is a rooftop shouting session surely,  not leaving it till end of day! sorry its a worry , was feeling good this morning, but concerned now!

I’m alright, how’re you? It certainly is, but on Friday they release loads of random pish on the OS, Waters has already been bumped down to Page 2. Knowing McAllister would be big news, hopefully that’s the case and once their pre-match stuff is done, he’ll be the first article like headline news!

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4 hours ago, stlucifer said:

I've only seen one poster mention Panic signings. Very late in bringing players in is the gripe of some. Myself included.

Very late?

There are still three fucking weeks before the transfer window shuts.😂


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16 hours ago, faraway saint said:

Not Sweep obviously. :rolleyes:

Not Sweep on this signing - I mentioned 1st he was coming back in January and knew the plan was for him to be back with us this season a month ago... but hey ho!

What do I know . . .   (awaiting the abuse) . . .

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