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The Jim Goodwin and Lee Sharp Appreciation Thread


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37 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

Just read a piece about Goodwin where he says................

The manager, though, was unconvinced that team captains were an
essential part of modern-day football.

“The armband thing; I think it’s a bit old fashioned to be perfectly
honest with you,” he said. “Do we really need a captain anymore? Do we
need to have that type of person on the park? Every manager speaks
about wanting eleven leaders out there.

I disagree, the value of a leader on the park is invaluable, can show qualities to inspire other players, provide on field support to players and change games.

Goodwin is a snake. Bigger than Ross ever got accused of . f**k em. 

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Just now, faraway saint said:

Calm down dear. :lol:

It's the way things go, most managers would have jumped to a much bigger ship, let's not kid ourselves. 

Yeah, im fully aware.  The problem lies when certain club " legends" say shite to appease to supporters. 

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4 minutes ago, djchapsticks said:

I'd fully appreciate Jim if he parted with money for Dunne who, if I'm being kind, is very, very hot and cold.

Good player. Likes to play long passes,not always accurately 

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