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The Jim Goodwin and Lee Sharp Appreciation Thread


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Where TC?

I have no idea, I know that a few Aberdeen fans are keen on him. Think there will be English Championship clubs sniffing about too.
Hope I’m wrong and he sees out his contract of course, but if he does take us into the top six then he will turn a lot of heads.
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14 hours ago, Cookie Monster said:

The seething resentment is reaching boiling point. emoji1787.png

How's ur lego tasting today? I'm afraid for u wee man nothing u say bothers me...wee hard guy behind a keyboard...ur pointless!!

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2 hours ago, Cookie Monster said:

Jimmy Carr got heckled once with a punter shouting out he had a big nose, he said that would be funny if he had a big nose. If you don't understand this reply then you should ask your village idiot for a loan of his single brain cell. emoji2957.png

Ur comebacks are pish, ur pointless...give it up stalker...u ran out of lego for today???

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