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Welcome back Kirk Broadfoot

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55 minutes ago, theknickerwetter said:

Ah the National , I can remember when it was a nationalist paper and now..........................its just a horrible wee chip on the shoulder little rag

Don't knock it, its great for a Fish Supper

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I always remember him hitting it past Barry Fergusan one way while running round the other. He had either just signed his PCA with that mob or was heavily rumoured for one.

Anyway Fergusan couldn't believe what he was seeing as our young CH made him look very stupid.

"Too good for Rangers" was the Northbank chant.
But soon he was kissing their badge in front of us

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5 hours ago, delpierro said:
8 hours ago, windae cleaner said:
Wee Frank was a badge kisser
He gave us a turn  when he came back

Never in our faces.


Coming out to salute the jungle anytime we played there

He never had any decent games against them either

He had excellent games against everybody else though

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