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Unusual Work Perks


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An office I visited in Eastern Ukraine had a rifle in the CEO's office. In Egypt and Nigeria my bodyguards carried weapons and in South Africa it wasn't unusual for people I worked with to carry handguns. They would hand them in to a gun safe on entering work. Also had these when entering Montecasino, a large leisure and casino complex in Joburg and other similar complexes across the country. 

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3 hours ago, whydowebother said:

Oddly enough, as part of my job I do but it’s not for ‘special’ occasions, it’s work related

Now, I always try find alternatives to using it, but could make exceptions for random thread starters emoji38.png

I really, really hope this part means people who start threads with random subjects and not a random pick of anyone who ever started a thread...



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2 hours ago, cockles1987 said:



Mines is also work related. Some I work with dont like it when a emoji837.png appears on them for some reason. I put it down to the lack of a sense of humour. emoji16.png

Also think I'll hold off on that thread I was going to start. emoji6.png


Honestly, if you did that to me, i'd struggle to maintain the sense of humour and would perform some crude amateur dentistry on you with the butt of the gun.



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14 hours ago, St.Ricky said:

Car allowance, travel allowance, mortgage subsidy, clothing allowance, entertaining allowance. Pretty standard stuff but did you have any unusual perks? 

Another thread boasting about privilege when BAWA members families are seeing job losses over the TC collapse?

Nothing distasteful here eh?

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