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Dundee Manager caught up The Braes.

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On 10/10/2019 at 3:13 PM, Wilbur said:

"Forfar player" ?

Ex-St Mirren player surely.

What can they expect Wilbur?  I have never actually been arrested but a man with your colourful past will surely know the procedures, what happens next etc?


I recall the day in Aberdeen you got locked up, mental you were!  Im sure these two "ballers" are mere pussycats to an old casual like yersel.  That pub would be a mere shell if the old "Wilbur rocket" had let off eh?  I am somewhat glad those days are behind us, mental guys like yersel were pigeon chested heroes back in the day but to be honest the world has moved on.  I always wonder how alpha males like yersel let go, like Sting in the Tommy film you were but an icon, although minus the Vespa but clearly a heid case nonetheless.  What a character you are Wilbur, I often wonder when these young upstarts are banging drums and waving flags if they have any comprehension of the mental legend in our midst.  


Pure mad mental Wilbur, pure mad mental Wilbur indeed.



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