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Your Favourite St Mirren Journeymen

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Danny McGarry
Came to us on loan from Barnsley and formed an integral part of the Summer cup winning side of 1943.  A bowdy leggit inside forward he was like a wee skilful wasp, cutting inside from either wing and laying the ball off to the likes off Alec Linwood or Johnny Deakin.
Wee Dan really ought to have played for Scotland, it was obvious to anyone who saw him what a fine footballer he was.  Every time he picked up the ball and ran with it an air of excitement filled the pish stained terraces.   I could hardly hold my pish can still at times such was the excitement. 
In the semi final against the Greenock underclasses he was magnificent.  A time when the Greenock ne'er do wells were expected to beat us (Stanley Mathews and Tommy Lawton were playing) he never stopped, that was some game.  The final though against the then Rangers football club was awesome and wee Dan worked his rolled down socks off, us beating the Ibrox menace by a single, magnificent Alec Linwood goal.
Wee Dan was an amazing player, the type of player Scotland once produced consistently.  The most modern equivalent for you young whipper snappers would be much better version of  Pat Nevin.  I cant think of a player like that currently playing.  Very sad, wee Dan was small and probably wouldn't make it through the half witted "yer no big enough" academies of today.  Skill and character in abundance I give you Danny McGarry.
A good memories, good memories indeed.

You must be some age !!!

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