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Hello Hello It's The Ayrshire Killie Boys Away

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Stab in the dark ............… well I'm a bit bored tonight.

I've got shull on ignore so I've not got a clue what humungous pile of pish he has started in this thread. With my blinkers on, here goes ………….

 I'll take a stab at it …….., it is likely to be some sort of inane gibberish about over-charging for something or other, or perhaps some anti-St Mirren rhetoric about ticketing being too dear, or just having a go at another website contributor (perhaps me again), or maybe another attack on poor old St Ricky.

Just guessing of course, but If shull's original post above is in any way a positive post about St Mirren or anyone who posts on P&B's forum I'll gladly bite my own tadger.

Somebody want to let me know if I need to sharpen my teeth ??????


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Disgraceful Adult , Student & OAP prices.



Kilmarnock vs St Mirren
Ladbrokes Premiership
Venue: Rugby Park, Kilmarnock
Date: Saturday 26th October 2019
Kick-off: 3:00pm


Adult - £22

Concession (Over-65/U21/students*) - £17

Under-16 - £5

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