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Sportsman's Dinner


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Just in from a Sportsman's dinner... Amazing night. So funny. Run meticulously by the good people of EK Golf Club.


Raised an incredible £9,000 between two charities.... One being EK Dementia Carers, the other Kilbryde Hospice.


People were beyond generous with their support and encouragement.


Also have a local garage offering free service and mot for our minibus! More about that to follow!


All that... A great free meal... and I'm sore with laughter thanks to speakers Bill Leckie and John Gaughan who were hillarious.


John Gaughan in particular was the funniest and most accomplished after dinner speaker I've heard... Up with the top comedians I've seen at the Fringe.


Highly recommend going to see him if you ever get the chance.IMG_20191109_005855.jpeg

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Seen John twice. I hope he did the ballerina sketch

Was at the top table for the second of the times and didn't even try and compete with him with the introduction.
I had the honour of sitting beside him at the top table... Great guy to talk to. Genuinely nice.

Worked me into his routine!

Told everyone we did a 10k together... ...

He did it in short bursts.
I did it in burst shorts!
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I’ve had the pleasure of listening to John Gaughan a couple of time’s and he has always been excellent.

I’ve only seen Bill Leckie once and it was at a BB display where he was the guest of honour at his old Brigade, was really good with all the boys and you could see the genuine affection and respect that he had for the leaders many of whom were there when he was a boy. His books are excellent too. 

Well done on the fund raising. 

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