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30th November 2019 Aberdeen v St. Mirren

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58 minutes ago, munoz said:

Any chance of taking something will depend on,  taking our chances,  cutting out mistakes and the sheep having an off day. Not impossible,  but unlikely.  

Best chance is your last reason as we're unlikely to achieve your first two.

They have been erratic so here's hoping. 


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On 11/28/2019 at 3:01 PM, Long John Baldy said:

Wasn't Broadfoot playing when we leaked 5 against Hearts? 

You don't half talk done shite.

“You don't half talk done shite.”

Sorry I missed this! :lol:

A classic example of how precise you must ensure your posts are, when slagging off someone else’s shite!

Shame the edit function is now time limited...

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10 minutes ago, Lord Pityme said:

The head says we will lose 1-0 to a inconsistent Dons side with the manager again bemoaning " that chance we didn't take"
The heart always has hope.....

Hope that the above comes true so you can continue to moan for another few days? 

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You truly are a sad little person, happy it would seem to show this to whoever reads your guff.
Unbelievably believable.

The very one who moans about people moaning, stooping to calling fellow supporters St Moan fans...

Then he moans about you being hopeful and realistic in expectations!

The ultimate in hypocrisy from the ultimate attention seeker!

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