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St Mirren v Aberdeen 12.30 26 1 2020

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FT 0-0

Pretty tough watch second half, very scrappy from both teams. We were hanging on a bit at the end there but overall a fair result and a decent point for us. 4 points from our 3 games against Aberdeen is a good return.

Thought the 2 centre halves Famewo and McCarthy did well. Considering neither have much experience and only met a few weeks ago they’re developing a good partnership. They dealt with Cosgrove no bother.

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2 minutes ago, herman_munster said:

was that saints fans booing the end?


A point is good against aberdeen, a few months ago we'd

have bitten an arm off for that.

We are a team that are hard to break down and beat, I believe

at this juncture its good enough for st mirren.

Agreed. Folk booing a point against Aberdeen is a disgrace. 

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O v O and no disaster.. There was a time when a draw with the Dons was a great result but they are a shadow of the team they had back then.

Still where we are right now, it was still a decent point. AND a clear sheet with the 2 new CB's playing and without a number of other players being available.

For us Foley, McCarthy and Flynn were top notch and  others gave their all  MacPherson, Morias. and Famewo played well too and looked pretty solid !

We have gained a point on Hamilton (plus 2 on GD) and Hearts (unless the later pick up something later today)

We gained a point on Killie (plus 1 goal on GD) and RC (plus +3 goals in GD)

But lost 2 points to the Fakes. We need to take something from t.he Hibs game while they have players missing from the heart of their defence ! And Killie /Rc  and Fakes/Hearts are clearly going to take something.. Need to keep Boyle, Kamberi and Doige tight and quiet though !

All in all not a bad weekends results !

RC and the Fakes to get a pounding in midweek - then we rise !

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2 minutes ago, magnus said:

Some tremendous individual performances. Ryan Flynn just gets better and better. 

A patchy game from both teams but with some good individual performances. We created fewer but better chances. Arguably, Obika should have scored, Durmas came close to scoring a great goal coming in from the left. 

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Just now, southsidebud said:

We were in the main stand and all the booing seemed to be coming from the Aberdeen fans at the end. There were a few chants of "Derek, Derek, Get tae f*ck" earlier on as well.

The Aberdeen forum is an unhappy place, mostly aimed at their manager.

Fed up with his long ball tactics and negative approach.

I thought he played it well today. :lol:

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