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3 hours ago, southsidebud said:

Fair doos. emoji1787.png

Dafty moment for me. Forgot they never made it - so used to it being Scotland. Just desperate for a saints player to feature at a major finals I guess

Leaving aside the non possibility regarding McGrath - does anyone know the last Saints player to feature at a major finals?

My kind of mistake Southside could just as easily been mine :lol: 

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7 hours ago, southsidebud said:

Great for Jamie and - with my black and white tinted specs on - totally deserved.

Would be amazing if he got on the pitch at the Euros!

When did the last serving saints player feature at either euros of world cup finals?

I could be wrong but I think Ian Munro was capped while with us, Billy Thompson too, think his caps came in friendlies but think Munro was capped in competitive games but not in a World Cup or euros. ( he only got 7 caps) 

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48 minutes ago, Eric Arthur Blair said:

He had numerous touches, admittedly mostly one touch.

The commentator was pish.

Numerous? That's a bit generous. He had a few and made a couple of runs into space but wasn't picked out.

As for the commentators, they were bigging him up before he came on.

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