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faraway saint

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25 minutes ago, bazil85 said:

Yeah very true, one of the main reasons for action is the unknown around this virus. More instances of people dying recently that have no known underlying conditions, more deaths, more bad news. 

It’s clear some on here are happy to gamble with human life. Fortunately the majority Seem to be in favour of the approach we’re seeing. 

Everybody's immune system is different. Any virus could kill seemingly healthy people. The big thing about this virus appears to be that, if you put 10 people in a room with the flu virus, probably 8 will not get the flu. Put 10 people in with this virus it's likely 10 will succumb.

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37 minutes ago, stlucifer said:

That percentage is probably much higher than reality as it is calculated on the number of KNOWN cases. As testing is still not taking place extensively it's highly likely there are far more who have, or have had, the virus.



Epidemiologists believe the total number of infections with SARS-CoV-2 is underestimated because people with few or mild symptoms may never see a doctor. As testing expands and scientists begin using retrospective methods to study who has antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 circulating in their bloodstreams, the total number of confirmed cases will go up and the ratio of deaths to infections will likely drop


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15 minutes ago, FTOF said:

Has there been any reliable data released regarding the percentage of deaths from no known/as yet undiscovered underlying conditions?

A couple of articles I've read, indicate that as a result of the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, the death rate for the aforementioned group was around 10%.

Could help in working out just how virulent the current virus is.


Nothing I've seen yet man. Scary times ahead, hopefully all this data and study is to come. 

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From the BBC:

"... in Paisley three men were fined for being in a van together on Saturday.

Police said they had no reasonable excuse to be together and they told officers they had no intention of complying with regulations."
Was it a Cooncil refuse van?
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