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Motherwell v St Mirren Scottish Cup Replay 18/2/20


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14 minutes ago, Cornwall_Saint said:

Bollocks. Everyone remembers cup success. Surviving relegation for about the 100th time isn’t going to be that memorable unless we do it 2007 style. Give me the cup anyday.

It isn’t like the Scottish fixture schedule is that strenuous anyway. Can never understand fans who disregard the cups for a league we will never win and will more than likely be relegated from again in 5-10 years time anyway.

All well and good if we win it but we are very, very unlikely to and you're buying into an absolute fantasy.

We are right in amongst it at the bottom, another play off would be very bad for the club financially potentially.

More games and potential injuries to an already depleted squad in a relegation battle would be disastrous.

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