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Coronavirus Patients in China to be Treated with High-Dose Vitamin C

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The B's are brain food.

Korsakoff's is alcohol related Dementia.

But... ... although dementia is a "progressive" disease... If you stay off the alcohol and on your medication, you will generally stay at the level of functioning you have!

The medication?

Essentially B vitamins and folic acid!

As a by the way... MARMITE is choc full of B vits and folic acid!

It is manna for the brain!

Even if you hate it... Develop a taste for it!

I digress.

The irony?

If you have drank enough to get Korsakoff's, the chances of you staying off the juice and on the meds is slim.


Vitamin intake is not namby pamby nanny state interference!

It truly matters!

I'm away to hammer that vodka now... Toast and Marmite for breakfast!
Aye all great unless you have pernicious anemia

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