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Lewis Morgan.

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1 minute ago, Callum Gilhooley said:

I think they are anti many things .  By all accounts, not a very pleasant bunch .

just saw Wallace was also at Scunthorpe, one of their lads worked with me at Mossmorran and was so anti-scots he made celtic hs "jock" team because the unpleasant nature of his Burntisland celtic bus friends really appealed.

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23 minutes ago, beyond our ken said:

didn't know that, i worked with a few when i was offshore and they were very anti-Scots.  One of them got filled in by  Wearsider when he opened his trap about them

Considering Millwall were started by Scots, ive always found that puzzling. 

Not the brightest of supporters i suppose. 

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15 hours ago, beyond our ken said:

Both Morgan and Ryan Gauld seem frozen out of the national team and both are in North America, is there some issue in getting players released for international duty from that league or does the manager simply not fancy either?

I think there's an element of "out of sight, out of mind" about players playing in the MLS, but I don't think there's any issue with getting players released. If you look historically, the only MLS player who got called up with any level of consistency at all was Johnny Russell. Think Kenny Miller might have had a short spell out there too.

There was a big clamour within the Tartan Army last season to get Gauld called up because he appeared to be in fantastic form. Less so this season. Also last season he was competing for a squad place in arguably Scotland's strongest area. With Morgan, I'd say he's only really blossomed since his move to NY Red Bulls. He did ok at Inter Miami, but nothing earth shattering enough to win a call up.

I don't think Gauld is currently anywhere near a call up, but will be interesting to see if Morgan gets one for the friendly against Turkey next month.

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