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New Strip - Season 2020/21

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57 minutes ago, Ev D said:

The new top is on the joma website, I have included the link below


That's a vast improvement. Really like that. Personally, less keen on collars like that as I hate any clothes touching my neck or throat but other than that it's a decent looking top. What does the back look like?

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On 3/5/2020 at 2:57 PM, Doakes said:

st mirren 1965-66


One like this would be ideal, black and white stripes, white shorts, red socks. :wub:

Red socks with black and white stripes are minging We occasionally had to wear them to avoid a clash in the past The best ever strip still reamaiAlly.jpg.8beaed6fd7f4d10c1331f06889623cd5.jpgAlly.jpg.8beaed6fd7f4d10c1331f06889623cd5.jpgns the one Ally McLeod and Archie Knox wore in 1971

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6 hours ago, Flareybob said:


Would love to know who your sources are Bob ?  You always seem to be two steps ahead of the rest of us, whether that be on signings new kit or managerial appointments, Had you down as a Stewart Gilmore / Brian Caldwell alias couple of year ago,  your obviously in the inner circle and have the confidence and trust of the players and officials,  Has me now thinking club physio or possibly club Chaplain/Priest  

think evil queen GIF

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9 hours ago, HSS said:

I loved this one...............



That was probably the best non stripes strip ever.

I’ve always said if we have to go for something that isn’t stripes, I fancy a copy of the usual Vasco da Gama strip. White top with a diagonal black sash. Black or white shorts. Not fussed, both would look good. White socks. 

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