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On 3/24/2020 at 9:14 AM, BuddieinEK said:

Loved The Hunters on Prime, starring Al Pacino.

Very Tarantino like.

70s New York Nazi hunters!

Bosch was another cop series I really enjoyed on Prime.


On 3/24/2020 at 9:18 AM, Yflab said:

Have to agree about the Tarantino similarities. 

Good ending or a new series in the pipeline?

Thanks for the recommendations. I had given it a miss, as I feel the Holocaust coverage is relentless, compared to similar atrocities, but it is actually pretty good.

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17 hours ago, BuddieinEK said:

Just watched episode 10 of Picard.

Might just be my favourite Star Trek episode of any series of any variation of all time! emoji50.pngemoji50.pngemoji50.png

10 episodes.

Slow start.
Every episode better than the last.

Links all the variations beautifully (except the original).

You might be interested to know Discovery is returning in the summer.

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f**k off. I've watched all 6 and I think he's fantastic! In fact I'm gutted he's left the club. He seems to be far more grounded and more football oriented than Stewart Donald. 
Absolutely no surprise you like the prick.
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10 minutes ago, munoz said:

Watched the whole series yesterday and have to say I found it quite entertaining. It almost had me feeling sorry for them come the end of the season, after yet another bottle crashing.  



I have absolutely no sympathy for them, a £34m wage bill, average wage 14k a week, crap contracts.

For me they embody everything wrong in Football, ala Sevco, throw money at it, anyone's money.

The fact that Ross came up against Stendal and lost says it all...

That's Charlie character just wanted his name in lights, a glory trip...… 46000 watching a mid table third tier team, still singing " we are the best team in the world "

Eh Reality check- does make for some comical viewing and shows that Jack has severe limitations as a manager

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2 minutes ago, Dickson said:

Not that long ago people were likening Ross to Ferguson on this very forum. But you do make my point for me. Robson managed Ipswich Town from a run down club to winners of the Cup Winners Cup. Jack Ross took Sunderland to their lowest ever league finish in the history of the club despite having a side packed with internationalists, a wage budget £7m greater than any other club in their league and a Chairman who blew £3m buying a striker Ross wanted who can't score goals for the club. 

Ross is a clueless twat. 

Tbf , I wouldn't blame Ross for the position they ended up in. They have been on a downward spiral for years now with far more experienced managers than Ross getting the bullet.  For whatever reason,  they just seem to be one of these clubs- spent to much when in the Premiership but with no real back up plan for relegation/relegations.

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2 minutes ago, Dickson said:

I laughed when Santori asked what they were singing. 

As for Methven though, the job he was there to do was to drive up income and slash expenses. Those crowds he achieved showed how well he did his job. 

Look I liked the guy, but he was still on an ego trip...………… Despite his intervention they still "failed" and they are still " failing".

They classify themselves as a BIG club. Well lets look at Sheffield Utd- Huge fan base , were down in the 3rd tier a good few years, but survived, stuck with guy at the helm and now look where they are. Sunderland change directions ever 6 months

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  Half way through watching the series but I just don't understand why they sold Maja for around half the amount they paid for Grigg  :huh:

He was scoring goals, so they should have just let his contract run down, unless they thought he would down tools but I don't think that would have happens.



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51 minutes ago, Dickson said:

Do you not think 46,000 at home on Boxing Day for a match in the Third Tier of English Football signifies a big club? Do you not think that, along with Portsmouth, selling out Wembley - 85,021 - for the English equivalent of the Challenge Cup is an indication of a big club? 

The consensus around the Sunderland support was one of hatred for Methven for much of last season. Some of them objected to being labelled as "parasites" for watching matches on IPTV rather than going to games. Others didn't like his "posh Southerner ways". I thought this series painted him as a highly competent individual who wanted success and he didn't care what delicate souls he upset to get it .

Most folk who buy into football clubs do so because of the inflated size of their ego.  


Sunderland is a very isolated city, with historical poverty it is hardly surprising it is a focal point. It may have a huge local support, however its not by any stretch a big club, years of mismanagement took care of that.

Plus- last won anything of note 47 years ago, shows along with their messed up neighbours up the Tyne, the only difference is Mike Bloody Ashley

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21 hours ago, Dickson said:

Agreed. Although when you watch episode 4 you might get a better picture. 

I would have made him stay personally. Even Donald conceded that the money they could have lost by not selling Maja would be a pittance compared to what promotion was worth. 

Watch the rest of it but didn't see why they thought selling Maja was the best for the club at the time.

It would like Saints selling Morgan for 50K and buying a diddy like Sammon for 100K in Jan 2 years ago. 

Thought the program was poor compared to the 1st series. 


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On 4/2/2020 at 12:47 PM, Dickson said:

I saw your edit after you were shown up for the fool you are 🙂 Too late. 

Given he was answering you directly about something you claimed, it's a bit rich of you to counteract his claim by citing an entirely different club.

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52 minutes ago, Dickson said:

He's walked out on the club. Maja had cleared out his locker and told the manager that he was away. You see it on camera where Donald explains he's just had a phone call from Jack Ross  angry that he didn't know a deal had been done and Donald explains it hadn't been. Jack Ross had, according to accounts from Gordon Scott, done the same thing when he left St Mirren to go to Sunderland. 

What I don't get is Donalds subsequent claim that the reason they didn't get Maja signed up before the start of the season was because no-one knew him. That was shite. Under Chris Coleman in the Championship Josh Maja and Joel Asoro had broken into the first team replacing Grabban who has been at the club on loan. Asoro would often start as a lone striker and Maja would come off the bench to replace him. Both of those players should have been a priority for any new manager coming in but i guess Ross and Donald didn't think they were worth banking on. 

Ross's weakness shows though. At St Mirren he got rid of Shankland and replaced him with Loy. He signed Reilly and when he was scoring for fun he replaced him with Danny Mullen. And at Sunderland he had Josh Maja, he replaced him with Will Grigg. 

Anyway, yeah I've noticed Sunderland fans saying much the same thing about the series. .Personally I thoroughly enjoyed watching it, but then I'm a fan who doesn't get down there nearly as much as I'd like to. 



Ah ok, I thought when he empties his locker without telling Ross he had been sold, my mistake. 

I still wouldn't have sold him but I would have made sure all the fans and players knew about what he did. 

Your comment about Shankland is shit since he was fat and unfit when we got rid of him and Loy did a good job replacing him. 

Edited by Tommy
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