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So Farewell Then, Dave Greenfield - Strangler...


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As a child of the 60's who got into the alternative culture and music of my teens I thought I was too old for punk but really liked their first single "Grip" so I bought it  and then their first 2 albums which I still really like.  However, tastes change and mellow and I moved on.  Now it turns out that the original band were all older than me!!  Jet Black had left school before I was born.  Strange times but not as strange as Jimmy Young playing the LA's on his Radio 2 show and saying "that's bound to to be a big hit???

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19 minutes ago, GMan said:

If he was a strangler, then a just and proper punishment would have been hanging. He should have been buried years ago, especially now prisons are holiday camps. And I would have pulled the lever myself...

There's some amount of pish patter on here but, well done, todays winner.:thumbsdown


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