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Which one's your big team?

Which one's your big team?  

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7 minutes ago, GMan said:

Addictions overcome...


Giving money to St Mirren 

Buying newspapers

I recovered from my addictions. I am here a picture of health, BAZZZZZZZIL, as you know.

You can do it, you need to accept it first. Two addictions to go

  • BAWA
  • 2005 style online fishing 

I have faith in you. 

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The point is, unless I am in the Sin Bin, I don't use an Alias or have the need of one. 

I cannae stop copycats and I wouldn't want to, especially as they are getting it right up the boring cnuts on here. 

Ha ha ha ha ha hunners of halfwits. 

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24 minutes ago, Cookie Monster said:
30 minutes ago, shull said:
Wonder who Boring Baz thinks he is talking to. 
Judas also. 
Well done Gman. 
Ha ha ha ha halfwits 

I'm going to butchers a guess on who it is.......

The forum loony, or Shull, thinks it's a secret. 😂😂😂

Hook line and sinker. 😉

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Whilst me nor any other self respecting St. Mirren fan would ever come close to “backing” either side of the OF, I also don’t subscribe to this apparent requirement to “hate them both with equal passion”.

I would refer posters to my recent offering on the “Poor Rangers” thread to find my view on this. 

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