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Welcome Jak Alnwick

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Good signing. Had concerns over who would we might end up with between the sticks but he will do a good job for us. Beginning to shape up nicely and if we get a strong back line we will be in for a decent season. Would love to see another strong centre half or two come in quickly and Jakubiak come back to us and will be happy to see who follows after that. Getting a good feel about the type of business Jim and co is doing.

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3 minutes ago, djchapsticks said:

For the love of God, please make sure the barbers reopen and get Jak in there!

Welcome aboard!

So NOT welcome abeard then? (I'll get ma coat)

Welcome signing and, even though he stagnated at the cheeks, I'm sure he'll be a very able replacement for DU's heartbreaker.

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1 hour ago, Buddymarvellous said:

Cheers - thought he was still doing the twitter account

He handed it over a couple of weeks back.

He also mentioned that he hasn't decided what to do with the BAWA website and forum.

He's due to make a decision on those two any time now according to his last tweet.

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