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Top 5 BEST St Mirren managers

Long John Baldy

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1. Alex Ferguson - nuff said.

2. Jim Clunie - Consolidated after Fergie left and took us to our joint highest league fish, Europe & being the only Scottish team to win the Anglo-Scottish Cup,


After that it gets a bit harder, the following could all be contenders for the minor places.

Rikki McFarlane - Nice guy, decent league finishes but seemed to be taking the club on a gentle decline.

Alex Miller - IIRC put together the '87 Cup Winning team.

Alex Smith - Managed the '87 Cup Winning team, was sacked less than a season later after a turbulent season featuring the Bone/McGarvey fracas & Ian Ferguson's exit. 

Danny Lennon - Recovered well after the Summer of Beath to keep us up that season. A Major Cup victory in 2013 couldn't hide the fact that league results were poor for a side containing McLean, McGinn, Teale & Thomson amongst others. Big debate about whether he should have been given another contract in 2014 my opinion at the time - mibbaes aye, mibbaes naw! :wacko:

Tom "Arithmetical" Hendrie - Gave us my favourite season ever on a shoestring budget but was never really in with a chance of keeping us up the following season with an even greater budget imbalance. Seemed to go a bit loopey near the end. 

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