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St Mirren v Hibs Sat 12th Sept

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10 minutes ago, lenziebud said:

Durmus was junk last season and this. Not good enough but hey if you think he is fine its opinions ?

Connolly has been here a few weeks now and got a part of the match vs St J. Not holding much hope for him


Connolly has been here a few weeks but we haven't had a game for 2 weeks he will need game time to adjust yet you find it ok to ridicule 

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Game over. To be honest been unimpressed by all the games l have seen so far from us. Very disappointing defensively. Been a bit more creative second half but no cutting edge. Erhahon has done well but overall  very bottom six and relegation fight again this season. Points start this season hides deficiencies unfortunately 

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Not really the point and not the answer to our problems. We are so dreadfully clueless going forward that we need a complete overhaul of our midfield. When was the last time we put a decent cross into the box? When was the last time one of the midfielders provided a proper, goalscoring chance for one of our strikers?

imagine being Cammy McPherson seeing that lot get a game in front of you !
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11 minutes ago, JJ McG said:

Sheron is absolute dug shite 

Although it was widely accepted he was done, we released Stephen McGinn and replaced him with Sheron. 


Is anyone going to seriously argue that Sheron is better than McGinn? He's Carswell, Hutton. Andy Dow, Jim Gardner levels of hopeless. 

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I hope Goodwin and the team take full responsibility after today's result and dont try to shift the blame onto the SPFL's decision.

We have only lost one starter (albeit a significantly better keeper than Zlamal)

Simply not good enough. Pass marks for Erhahon who has looked comfortable playing in his natural position for once.

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