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Aberdeen v St Mirren Friday 2nd Oct

Long John Baldy

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Right it's my last N/S tomorrow but I'm recording the game.
 I never saw us on't telly in September come on you Saints let me watch some football in October!

Not missed anything.
I watched all the matches in September and on the back of that have decided not to pay for any more away games until we start playing better football, starting with Dons tomorrow night.
I am of course hoping my merge effort at a boycott will lead to an unexpected positive change in our fortunes !

I will still use ppv for our home matches as a means of financially supporting the club.
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19 minutes ago, scam75 said:

Connolly won't start unfortunately. Morias will. Foley a doubt so if Sheron and Morias start we're down to 9 men from the off.

Really hope I'm wrong. Come on tae feck Jim, surely the pictures Morias has of you aren't that bad! emoji848.png

It’s actually become quite difficult to watch Morias. I have actually started to feel for him. Whilst you cannot fault his undoubted effort, he is the very embodiment of “looks like a competition winner”.

I actually suspect he’s not as bad a player as he’s been for us, but I think his confidence will be at such a low point that he will never come back from this. He needs to be dropped (completely) and find a new challenge at a lower level to try to regain some of his confidence. 

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1 hour ago, [email protected] said:

Although in the past when saints looked  absolutely certain to have lost a game, then miraculously confound logic, I’m afraid this time I cannot see it. Having now completed my course in simple arithmetic, I unfortunately predict a sixth defeat on the bounce. 

Aye but did you pass? 

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4 minutes ago, fmckinn said:

only 3 outfield players on the bench !! WTF is going on with our club

They are either going to use the Magennis money to get reinforcements in, or bank on the season being cancelled.

Maybe Kibble will buy a couple of players, they're loaded.

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