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Aberdeen v St Mirren Friday 2nd Oct

Long John Baldy

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That’s a huge disappointment, played really well and got f#*k all! Jim should have brought a couple of subs on at 85 min mark. Junior played his best game tonight, so did McCarthy, real shame. However if we keep playing the pressing game then I will be happy to watch win, lose or draw. Much more entertaining than sitting back trying for a draw. 

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8 minutes ago, TPAFKA Jersey 2 said:

100% Goodwin’s fault. 
Tired legs. No subs. Get tae f**k Goodwin you useless c**t!!

Excactly what i just said, terrible management  get Goodwin tae fuk

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Just now, Desperately Seeking Susans said:

Whatever role Morias was ask to play tonight was way too much.  The poor guy had to run to attack then run the whole length of the pitch back to defend.  Yes, as others have said, the lack of subs was a big mistake.

Goodwin clearly sending a message to the board that we are short of players

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1 minute ago, delpierro said:

Meh, we got beat, again.
Im resigned to a relegation scrap, again.
Dear Mr Obika, you are allowed to jump up and attempt to header a bell you lazy c**t.

Harsh, I actually thought he showed his strength tonight when holding the ball up. He also chased down defenders.

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