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Club covid executives - a statement.


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1 hour ago, Yflab said:

Interview with cockwomble Doncaster.


Is it time now for a ban of curtailment of goal celebrations?

ND: I think it's important we keep everything under review. There is no evidence I am aware of existing of transmission between players on the field of play. The transmissions to date appear to have occurred in dressing rooms, on buses or at meal times.

It would seem he is now qualified as an epidemiologist. 


It more appears he still talks a load of bollocks. I suppose he thinks the virus sits on the touchline watching the game then goes into the dressing room afterwards before getting on the bus with the players.

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2 minutes ago, djchapsticks said:


Quick on the trigger...:clapping


The decision of the Appeal hearing that the matches be rearranged is a victory for common sense and the reduction of the fine from £40,000 suspended to £20,000 with £10,000 suspended is acknowledged by the Club.

Ten grand...meh,

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25 minutes ago, oaksoft said:

Great news. Very lucky to have got this overturned.

Time to get these two games won.

On 12/7/2020 at 6:54 PM, portmahomack saint said:

It's a crock of shit and the club should fight this in the Courts if need be, how many clubs have broke these protocols,  Players sitting having meals together, Sitting too close on the bus, Car sharing, I'll tell you....  ALL OF THEM....  

SMISA get the cash out,  It would never happen to Celtic or Rangers with a title on the line and everyone knows that, So it shouldn't happen to us.

A skelp on the arse and a suspended large fine for anymore breaches that's what it should have been😠

Lucky ? I don't think so.  Some of us told you Oaky  :lol: 

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17 minutes ago, Desperately Seeking Susans said:

Good news.

Really, given all the consequences of penalising us (and other teams who were not involved) it surely couldn't be anything else.  The SPFS's reputation has been saved - by their own decision.

Ay, but...

What about the reputation of the SPFL?

It's still a jobbie organisation.

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The absolute right decision, completely unacceptable that: 

1. Such punishments were ever considered for the level of breaches and situation the world is in

2. The resolution process has taken over three months. 

Hopefully this acts in transit with a few other things going on to finally get the imposter Neil Doncaster out of Scottish football once and for all. Has there ever been a bigger wage thief in the Scottish game comparable to his salary?

Hopefully changes in Scottish football come sooner than later, one of the main ones for me is around CEO accountability. Say a vote by all 42 member clubs every three/ four years on SPFL/ SFA CEO performance. one vote, one equal say and at least a 60% needed for them to get the next period. 

For me that would encourage authorities that act in the interest of the majority not the elite. 

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The decision to replay these games could work in our favour now that we have signed 2 players who might be able to resolve our goal scoring drought.

In all fairness though, should Brophy and Quaner be permitted to play in the matches against Hamilton and Motherwell, as they were not available for the original fixtures?

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