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Us v Morton.


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2 minutes ago, TPAFKA Jersey 2 said:

Absolutely f**king disgraceful.

Absolutely battered them in the first half and then a combination of handing them the initiative and some utterly f**kin mind boggling substitutions and its all gone to f**k.

I’m fast running out of patience with Goodwin. 

I've kept you a seat...................hurry up, the bus is filling up fast.

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I’m nowhere near calling for Goodwins head

But I’m getting tired of the formation/ starting line up lottery that we go through each week. We make 4-5 changes every week and yet Connolly rarely starts despite looking our most dangerous player every time he plays

Would love to know Sam Foleys passing stats for tonight

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9 minutes ago, Yflab said:

Saints are sadly devoid of any confidence. For a team that’s in the top league we really should be cruising against Morton.

I still hope we scramble a last minute goal.


OR is it ability or balance - too many average overpaid players - not much creativity or goal scoring prowess

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