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Scotland v Czech Republic Euros 14/6/21


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Predictable and typical Scotland. 
The dust has settled and the feeling of deflation is still there. 
Today was our opportunity to be creative, to be bold and to give talent a go. 
Our chance in a tournament where we are playing at home to go out and make a big step to make history. 
Now I hear all the ‘let’s stay behind the team’ I get it, I honestly do. I get ‘we had 19 chances’ but how do you account for the absolute amateur play from our goalie for the second goal 
But today we did the typical Scotland thing and blew it, well and truly!

Now the younger generation can understand the feeling of all those glorious failures of years gone by….



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5 minutes ago, BuddieinEK said:


Even in a football thread about our national team, you can't help yourself.

Reverse psychology won’t work in not getting me to respond, I’ve told you this many times. 

You choose to try and argue as usual. 

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5 hours ago, truesaint said:

My gut told me 2-0 to czechs today and had a header and shot outside the box (although wasn't expecting it so far out, also didn't have the scorer).

Going to go out on a limb here and share my predictions for the next 2 games with scorers.

England 1 - Scotland 1. Foden with a sliding goal to Marshalls LH post playing against Tierney and McTominay with a header to Pickfords top right hand corner from a corner.

Scotland 1 - Croatia 0. Dykes lashes in a strike from 8 yards out after goalkeeper makes a mess of the corner. 

Also have croatia beating czechs and england beating czechs so we qualify in 2nd place.

Fecking hope I am right after today and yes I know it is fecking wrong to reply to your own comment.

Those are some impressively detailed predictions right there buddie. 
I suspect if you can get a bet on all of that you might even get odds of better than 10/1. 🤣


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1 hour ago, Eric Arthur Blair said:

Having seen it all before, they didn't disappoint.

Having never recovered from 78, I have come to the conclusion that Scotland is not a footballing nation. Now Rugby is a different matter. 

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2 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

In the cold light of day yesterday wasn't as bad as made out, especially by the natives over on Facebook.

For a start we really missed Tierney, he gives us so much, especially when we are going forward and the early issues with him and Robertson had sorted themselves out giving us as good a left side as most teams.

We could have scored at least one from 2 or 3 decent chances, not the ludicrous 4 or 5 that the simpleton @oaksoft was blabbing about. :1eye

Robertsons chance was a sore one, they did their best to score an OG, good save from their goalie and hitting the bar, on another day we'd have got at least 1 from these chances, it's stretching things to say we'd have scored ALL of these chances, real football is rarely like that. 

Clarke changed things straight away at half time, Adams coming on did help.

The criticism he gets isn't a surprise, some football supporters have the memory of a goldfish.

Their second goal, ouch, it's really hard to blame Hendry, our goalie, who, otherwise, had a good game, really was at fault, not forgetting a wonder strike.

The Czechs played well at times and in Schick they have a top class striker.

There will be a few changes for THE game with England.

If we play well we can get something from this game.

We need at least a point IMO or confidence will be all but gone for the last game. 




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8 hours ago, portmahomack saint said:

Best player on the park tonight Spain's  18 year old Pedri,  

Our best player in many a generation 20 year old Billy Gilmour sitting on the bench

And we are asking were are we going wrong  :rolleyes: 



Funniest post of the day, beating elvis and oaksoft, well done. :1eye

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3 minutes ago, portmahomack saint said:

How many of the Scotland squad would get near that Chelsea Squad.  I'm asking you cause dafty's answer would be laughable 

Kieran Tierney  Andy Robertson and maybe Scott Mctominay  that's it 

Eh, did you forget Billy Gilmour, after mentioning him earlier?

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