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St Mirren v Sevco League Cup Quarter Final 16/12/20


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0-1 . Not unexpected. We played a pressing game in our recent run which had us undefeated. Sit back against Rangers and we deserve all we get. They are sitting back and letting Rangers do what they want. Shite tactics.

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Just now, Tommy said:
12 minutes ago, munoz said:
That's the best team news we could have hoped for. 

My son had just text me and said he went to school with the ref and he is a bluenose but we can't blame him for that piece of shit defending.


I just got a text saying he was a tim, who to believe? 

FFS, let all this shit go. 

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1 hour ago, God of war said:

3 at back my arse, has went to a back 5 and has taken away attacking option to sit in. Back 4 was way to go with Erahon playing sweeper defending and moving to midfield if we manage to go over halfway line. Play 5 across with wingers doubling up to defend...still gives you 3 going forward if u break up attack, we have given them to much respect and upperhand already...

Erahon is a midfielder not a sweeper and who are your wingers doubling up

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5 minutes ago, TPAFKA Jersey 2 said:

All stemmed from us totally f**king up a promising free kick position but going backwards and giving the ball away. Same old bollocks every time we play these cunts. No ambition whatsoever. 

Someone was bemoaning that Hamilton got a 1-0 victory at Ibrox last season as one of the lucky reason they were above us..................

I'd suggest we've never given ourselves a chance of that type of luck as we have, all of last season, and this season to date, looked like trying to "keep it tight" which hasn't worked. 

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