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Dundee Utd v St. Mirren, 27/01/21

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Great result, but what concerns me is with every Utd., attack they had an unmarked man on the edge of our box; midfield need to be aware of this

But overall, happy Buddie

Yep, need to tighten the midfield against Celtic on Saturday.
I reckon JG will have us back to a 4-5-1 formation and as long as Connolly is one of the 5 I’ll be ok with that. Their defence will really struggle against his pace.
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Flynn and McGrath were outstanding tonight. As was Ethan and Durmus/Connolly. Throw JDH into that mix and we have a really good midfield. Admittedly D Utd were pish, but the shape worked and it seems a good old fashioned 442 may be the way ahead.

Defence picks itself, for the time being, we don't concede many. Goalie top drawer. Up top Brophy, who I thought worked his socks off tonight and will be an asset, with any 3 from Obika, Dennis or Erwin.

Was curious to see Brophy/Obika and did tonight. Now curious to see Brophy/Dennis with balls on the deck from midfield, or in behind.

Anyway, happy days. Off to the piggery with no fears on Saturday. COYS

Brophy came off much earlier than I’d expected, but he had worked his socks off while he was on the pitch. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he was subbed because he was knackered as much as a tactical change.

Not sure if he’ll start this weekend, but he will score goals for us.
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6 hours ago, turrabuddie said:

Never for one moment did I think I’d be feeling this good after Sunday’s performance left me feeling so flat, totally deflated.

Still enjoying the high from a terrific team performance last night. And five goals. FIVE. Away from home !

Everyone played a part.

I agree we've a lot to be happy about that performance but, for me, it's tainted by, "what could have been", if Goodie had trusted his senior midfielders on Sunday.

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