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Eric Arthur Blair

Dundee Utd v St. Mirren, 27/01/21

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3 hours ago, Ronnie said:

Completely lost interest in St Mirren right now the lack of not being able to attend played a part in the apathy I have felt for alot of this season along with having only 3 good performances in 30 matches but Sundays shambles was a right f###ing kick in the balls.

According to the minority on various St Mirren fans platforms league is much more important as is a push for top 6 I on the other hand really couldn't care less where we finish but in my eyes to have a chance of another national cup final was much more important doesn't happen very often (yes it would have been 3 in 11 years) but it was 1 in 38 years before that.

If St Johnstone win this trophy they will have won Scottish and League cup within 5 years of each other plus regular top 6 finishes, Livingston will have won 2 league cups in 17 years plus more than 1 top 6 finish ask their fans what's more important finishing top 6 or celebrating winning a national cup final.

Goodwin when under pressure earlier in season after good start reverted to his scared tactics that brought us 7 defeats in a row he reverted back to same tactics Sunday now with 9 games in 30 days guaranteed the guy who never bottled anything as a player will revert to the scare tactics to scrape draws or victories wherever he can.

Hope this help's Ronnie,   Show's what can happen when you go out to win a game 

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