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17 hours ago, Mid Calder Saint said:

Central midfield is now very strong Flynn Power Kiltie Erahon McPherson and McGrath good completion and of course Power and Kiltie will already have good understanding

Cannot see where Erhahon fits in this side at all. Flynn and Power play before him breaking up the play. 

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JDH situation is getting comical, his agent must be giving him the worst advice ever. Seems to be chasing a few extra quid which is mental for a player at his age and level. So many young players do this, instead of building their game and focusing long-term, they focus on paycheck to paycheck. 

He could do a lot worse than progressing at St Mirren for another season or two then if he impresses, the money on offer to him at other clubs will be far bigger than what United will likely be offering. Best case scenario for him might be if St Mirren keep this contract on the table but I would understand if they pulled it. Don't know if we have set a deadline or anything but I would hope if not, that's the next stage. 

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14 minutes ago, santaponsasaint said:
39 minutes ago, mattman said:
Hibs bound now emoji85.pngemoji23.png Wouldn’t touch him or his agent with a barge pole 

Let him go to Hibs. He'll probably get the same treatment as Kyle Magennis and sit on the bench for a season.

Jack's a shopaholic just can't help himself.

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32 minutes ago, SBS said:

Has he extended his contract? Was only up to this summer.
Also is Cammy Breadner still at the club?

Not according to this article from May 2021, where he states that he's only got one year left on his contract.

St Mirren prospect Lewis Jamieson aiming to follow in Jay Henderson's footsteps after fruitful loan spell - Daily Record

I think our contract offer at the end of the season must have been an extension to the year left on his contract. Haven't read anywhere whether he signed it or not.

No idea with regards to Breadner. His contract did expire at the end of last season.


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