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1 hour ago, linwood buddie said:

At the start ,after he was injured he wasn’t near as good though IMO.

Doesn't alter the fact that he is overall a very decent player.

Certainly better than any midfield player, McGrath apart, that we currently have.

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On 8/18/2021 at 9:43 AM, truesaint said:

Not blaming the lads at all. Just looking at it from aclub point of view when trying to attract players. We are in a reasonable position to sign players from lower leagues for players who might be on lesser wages etc. I specifically wouldn't mention using us as a stepping stone but maybe a better platform.The point about spotting talent when players come to us is to act early. Most fans at the club know a baller when they see one but it appears the management/board are reluctant to act when we have a player on our hands. If we act early and approach the player directly early enough it is possible that by offering an extra X amount of pounds to extend their contract would persuade them to do so, before agents get involved.

I don't know the ins and outs of what we can do above that i.e potential bonus rewards for someone staying and if they get a bigger move a slice of the pie for example. If a club is interested then we should be doing all possible to get at least market value when they have a couple of years left on contract rather than contracts dwindling down. Just saying marketing us as a stepping stone just puts ideas into guys heads. Trying to maintain a more stable group of quality players seems impossible at the moment and we end up chasing our tails trying to bring in other better or players or at least the same calibre. As I said if it is a step backwards for a player to move forward for a season then fair enough. 

Just hope one day that we get to the stage one day where hibs scouting isn't done on SMTV. Also include in the contracts premium sales to other scottish clubs similar to what Hibs did with Martin Boyle although at £500k surprised clubs down south haven't snapped him up. Both the manager and directors have noted our past situation so hopefully we might be more proactive with current quality players going forward.

I don't think that there is currently any situation where you could sideline a player's agent.  I would not be surprised if the player-agent contract and the club-agent contract have clauses that prevent any kind of direct negotiation.

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