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St Mirren v Hamilton Accies SPFL Premiership 1/5/21


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1 minute ago, zurich_allan said:

This side we have out is not working. Better options on the bench. Shocking defending and poor positioning and reactions from the keeper at their goal. Changes needed at half-time.

One eye on next week from the manager and some players, which is understandable TBH. 

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9 minutes ago, Danish Buddie said:

We never look the same or as solid when its a 3, we need to play 2 centre halves and a left n right back 

Could just have said back 4, just saying!

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4 minutes ago, Gosport Buddie said:

This game is showing what a big player Durmus is for us

We need a winger on. Henderson is getting marked out the game and there is nothing doing through the middle. Poor first half from us and so far a missed opportunity to put this mob to the sword.

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We're well off the pace here.

Hamilton playing exactly as you would expect a team to play, knowing they could be effectively relegated today if they lose.

Tough full debut for Finlayson here. Hope his confidence isn't too damaged by this. We have to expect mistakes at this stage of his career.

Nothing going through our central midfield at all.

No space for Quaner or Dennis.

Hamilton are right up for this and in our faces and we need a response because we're being controlled right now.

We might need to sacrifice a striker to bulk up that midfield and re-take control.

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Just now, faraway saint said:

usually I'd be a bit disappointed but with us being safe and a massive game next week I'm not really that bothered.

Don't want a tanking but no injuries and we'll have a stronger team next week.

If it wasn't Hamilton I would agree but sending this mob down is an opportunity not to be missed.

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At least we might relegate big Kirky.

Understandable to give some of the fringe players a run out, but its been poor so far.

I know its only 45 minutes, but Finlayson looks nowhere near an SPL player. Reminded me of Lee Glover's performance v Livi last season, and hes now at Albion Rovers.

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