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The Scottish Play Offs 2021


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1 hour ago, Yflab said:

Stop shouting or we won’t be allowed back in anywhere. Oh and stay off the BrewDog and Guinness ya mad man.

I'm allowed to shout quietly! 

See what a good Paisley Grammar education does for your spelling. 


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2 minutes ago, Yflab said:

What happened to you? After Andrew Neil and I left the place went rapidly downhill. He’s a cnut mind you.

To be honest I hated school. Left at 16 and never looked back.

Not for me either- the only entertaining thing was Old Bob.

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7 minutes ago, Yflab said:

Sets it up for a great second leg. Hoping Broadfoot has a nightmare and concedes an injury time own goal to send Dundee up.

Even better Rogers, Power and Broadfoot collide in penalty area and put it in their own net to send Dundee up😉

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52 minutes ago, E=Mc2 said:

I, and the St. Mirren accountant, will want Killie to win. 

The last time we were all in the league together, We had two home games against both teams.

The Total  Killie attendance was 10347    The total Against Dundee was 12203 . 
This was despite Dundee having a shocker of a season resulting in Relegation while Killie finished Third !!

Killie are not as big a team as they’d have you believe . 

oh , and they have a shite pitch .


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