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The Scottish Play Offs 2021


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18 hours ago, Slarti said:
18 hours ago, ICC said:
Brechin heading to the Highland League.

Or maybe the Lowland, it apparently hasn't been decided yet.

Brechin want to join the lowland league . 

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11 minutes ago, saintargyll said:

Killie could of done with a Brophy ........"..titters

Even better was Broadfoot buying out his contract and slither down to the Championship like the snake he is.

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34 minutes ago, Cumbriansaint72 said:

He will leave them now, 23 players out of contract and relegated. Not bad going🤣🤣. To ease their pain at least they will have a couple of derby games against QoS and Ayr to look forward to.

Not going by his interview there , says the BOD will back him !

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1 minute ago, Cumbriansaint72 said:

I did see that after I had posted. Wow they are a glutton for punishment.

I wouldn't blame TW for their demise- the damage was done long before he came in.

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On 5/21/2021 at 10:41 AM, Yflab said:

See I don’t get that argument. Kilmarnock for years have been consistently finishing higher than us and as a result earning more revenue by finishing in the top 6, qualifying for Europe and opening up three sides of their stadium to milk the bigot pound. They have done this while over spending and incurring large debts.

Hearts are coming back up this year. Dundee will also bring a large support to Paisley.

Remember that Kilmarnock no longer get W6 & W7 - only the away end - the cash argument for them staying in the league and bringing their support for maybe only one game a season is not as big as you think.   

Hell mend them for overspending all these years.

It would not surprise me if Broadfoot, Dicker, Power, Lafferty and Burke are all on higher wages than our team. I’d imagine that the Tommy Wright is earning a larger wage than Jim Goodwin.

Feck them. It’s about time they were relegated and experienced four derbies against Ayr United.

Plus we can get rid of that plastic pitch. St Mirren and the other top flight clubs should start a campaign to remove those pitches from our top league. 

Plus their pies are overrated. 👋 bye byeeeee Killie. 🍺 



spot on with your opinion, apart from the pies, they are yummy

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So glad to see the back of them, their plastic pitch , dads army team and Kirkie boy. Lets see if you have a contract to buy out of next season ...

Dundee played some lovely football but the Killie defence if laughable ..,. remembering we scored 6 in 2 visits....

So we have Edinburgh/ Bigot/ and Dundee Derbies next season.... Just need Morton to.!!!??..……………….. sorry that's pushing it


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