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St Mirren v Dundee United SPFL Premiership 16/5/21


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Not bad at all for an end of season match.

Looks like we saw the end of Jake on Wednesday then.

Brophy and Erwin playing well. Brophy especially and could have had two goals although the second one it looked like he had a player right in front of him for the shot. Great lead up play to it though.

12 o'clock on a Sunday though. That's a terrible time for a football match.

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Quite enjoyable first half

United perhaps edged it slightly

But certainly not a typical end of season game

Goals in second half

Saints to win 3-1
Fair summary, but not sure about the prediction. Can't see Saints score more than maybe 2.
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Have to confess big Erwin playing quite well today. One notable incident was when he took a ball brilliantly out of the air on his chest and then leathered a great cross field pass to Connolly on the right wing. 
I did say to the Mrs well done Erwin and she said you don't often say that!
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I haven’t seen much of Erwin so I concede to others who have seen more of him that isn’t cutting it. However in a couple of games I have seen his control of the ball and vision under pressure is quite impressive. I’m not sure if the expectation of him to be an out and out striker is clouding judgement. His link up play is top drawer at times. Shoot me now!

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