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Stenhousemuir v St Mirren League Cup 20/7/21

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Oh dear, the levels of hypocrisy on here are off the charts. Three different posters since I stopped responding (intended to anyway) now that haven't mentioned a word on  Stenhousemuir vs St Mirren. 

To Slarti's point, there are specific topics that I don't see my opinion being changed on because they're based on my past observations (for example Erwin's performances last season not being good enough or Cammy trying the spectacular FAR too much). That is what's being referenced. It's not to say I point blank refuse to have my opinion changed on any subject, I find it strange this needs explained but there we are, hope you now understand (if you even see it).

For someone that's cried into his ignore function over my posts, he sure is awful invested in what I have to say. :whistle

Now... let's be honest,

This thread is done,

Let it go,

Practice what you preach or don't preach it. 👍

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