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St Mirren v Partick Thistle League Cup 25/7/21


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I imagine with the redraw it will be yeah. Probably a small number that can’t attend that didn’t make St Mirren aware though. 
My first game since the big Hearts one, can’t wait. 

I’m the same - me and my son will be there today, Hearts game was our last game too, seems a lifetime ago.

We’re in the West stand as opposed to our usual seats in M7 which is great as we won’t get fried in the sunshine!! I have always been jealous of the folk in there on hot sunny days - I remember the Morton game particularly (the day their fans didn’t come) as particularly roasting.
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On 7/24/2021 at 1:16 PM, santaponsasaint said:
On 7/23/2021 at 11:01 AM, ICC said:
Live on Premier Sports

How's that good for people who don't subscribe to that channel and don't have a ticket. Take the money and f**k the real fans.

Well, if you are like me, living 50 miles from the stadium and unable to drive due to an impending operation, then it's great for the fans-especially REAL fans like me.


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18 minutes ago, JJ McG said:

That will be the team that starts the 1st league game unless McGrath leaves obviously.

McCarthy IMO should be in the team, hope this doesnt mean he might be away.

Very attacking line up, of the midfield only Power is more of a defensive player.

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26 minutes ago, God of war said:

Why is Brophy starting before Erwin?

Because Erwin and Main offer similar so would be stupid to start them both together. Brophy will come good I think he just needs to find his foil and Main could be it. Everyone knows you cant stand Brophy , different opinions and all that but its become a broken record 

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