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St Mirren v Partick Thistle League Cup 25/7/21


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I thought overall we played  well today , still just lacking the killer touch .  I was “meh” when Main joined us but thought he had a good game today, Young Henderson is a find 👍.  Power and McGrath ran the midfield and Big Dunne strolled it .

Positive start to the season so far but we will need to move it up a level from next week.

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2 minutes ago, eckthesaint said:

Season starts proper next week. I'd get all this negativity about our performance if we'd drawn or lost any of our cup games but 3 wins out of 3 playing not at our best is a habit I can live with. COYS

I agree, while I've only "seen" todays game I thought we played well, dangerous down both wings and on another day could easily have been 4 or 5.

To sail through the qualifying says a lot about where we are IMO. 

Obviously bigger games coming up but, at this stage, we look more than reasonable.


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1 hour ago, Sonny said:

Obviously pleased with result, seeding etc but not so enamoured with the long ball tactics missing out the midfield.

 Have to agree.

 Both McGrath and Kiltie are capable of running at defences. In the first half especially, they were bypassed.

I thought that the defence struggled against long balls and left a lot of gaps for Thistle players to exploit. A better team would have punished us.

I thought that Main did well today, apart from his finishing. He certainly needs to start taking his chances. Tanser and Henderson both did good work on the wings and their deliveries improved as the game progressed.

Brophy did his best work too far away from the penalty box where he was fouled several times after doing great work to beat his man. Goodwin needs to tell him to push further up the pitch.

Alnwick's passes out to the wings were superb.

A far from scintillating performance, which admittedly got the job done, but a lot of improvement required before next week's league opener. 

Unsurprisingly, I think McCarthy should be in the back three as I think his heading ability, reading of the game, and speed on the ground, would help make the defence a bit more solid. Doubt it will happen, unless we stick Shaughnessy up front to show off his finishing prowess.:whistle





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Feel Henderson could be an absolute baller this campaign for us. Gets better every time I see him. 

Generally today’s game wasn’t a classic but he looked very good. Brophy also did everything bar score, will be a thorn in the side of defenders this season. 

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11 hours ago, elvis said:

Oops utd are seeded

I didn't see the draw. Were we actually seeded in the end??????

If yes, how did we manage to get Livingston?


ETA...... Just noticed Livi finished 2nd in their group. Therefore unseeded. Oh well!!!

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12 hours ago, antrin said:

This SEEDING is just a another new bollox to favour the Ugly Buttocks and stop either of them papping the other out in an early round.

cups should not be seeded.

In all fairness, seeding is hardly a privilege of the old firm. It’s commonplace throughout football.

I do accept though that wherever it is used, it is always to favour the bigger clubs/countries. In this case, we happen to be considered one of those bigger clubs. 

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