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Celtic v St.Mirren


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1 minute ago, saint in exile said:

I'm not singling him out. I think he's a great keeper who is having a shite day.

I would agree, Alnwick has been phenomenal since he has been here. But he must have been out on the lash last night because today he looks like has never played in goal before. 

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9 minutes ago, Prague Buddie said:

This is an absolute embarrasment!

Power and Alnwick should be fined for their part in this. 

I don't know what the Premier league record score is, but surely it must be in danger today. 

The Premiership record, ie since the SFL and SPL merged is Rangers 8 Hamilton 0. The SPL record is Celtic 9 Aberdeen 0 and the all-time record is Celtic 11 Dundee 0 in 1895

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1 minute ago, Cumbriansaint72 said:

An absolute embarrassment of a team performance to be honest i didn't think we would win today after watching the last 2 games. This 3  at the back crap doesn't work, we just don't seem to have the players that can do it. 

Are we playing 3 at the back? It looks like a back 4 to me. 

Anyway, I think today is one of those days that it wouldn't matter what formation we were playing. Too many individual errors. Especially from Alnwick and Power. 

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