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St Mirren v St Johnstone, Sunday 29th August

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Just now, portmahomack saint said:

Enough about Tony questions should be getting asked about the crap that's getting served up every week now 

It doesn't matter what the club think they are or are off the pitch surely someone higher up at the club has to have some balls and quite frankly kick arses with the JG and his coaching staff. To be fair they HAVE supported him in transfer windows to improve the team but for whatever reason this season we quite frankly are worse by a long way.

I know we should've replaced Connolly and Durmus but haven't and we are still playing a system that requires pace on the flanks. 

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Really was a tail of two halves. Should have been out of sight at the break, second half was one of the worst I’ve seen in a long, long time. Midfield completely absent, lucky to get out with a draw. 

Hard to defend why Goodwin didn’t change it, switching the strikers was pointless when they were getting next to no service from the middle. 

Desperately hope new recruits next week. 

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3 minutes ago, Ethan said:

Seriously a point at home is pathetic. We are way off the standard required to get up the table. Our midfield to front is as bad as we have ever had apart from McGrath. 

I don't think a point at home to the team that won two trophies last season is pathetic, the performance is closer to pathetic so maybe a point is a bonus. 

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Woeful stuff ! Playing for/hanging on for a draw at home , the same rubbish that eventually cost us top 6 last season,  JG will never learn. If there isn't a place for McCarthy in defence , then he shouldn't be playing at all. McPherson gives us more options in there , both going forward and defensively. It's going to be a long, long season ! 

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