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St.Mirren V The blue bigots


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Dot count 

336 available seats in the West Stand. Capacity is 2,516, so 2,180 sold.

256 available seats in the Main Stand. Capacity is 2,134. Red zone estimated (by me) to be 100 seats. Therefore 1,678 tickets sold.


Total home support = 3,858


Away support = 3,287 & given Twitter has been full of posts requesting away tickets, it's safe to assume this is full.


Estimated attendance = 7,145. 


Could we have sold more tickets than usual because we have won three on the bounce?

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1 hour ago, faraway saint said:

Hearts and Hibs would soon take over their positions as the main base for people with these inbred beliefs.

Anyhow, back to the fitba, I, strangely, feel we'll run them close but, not so strangely, I feel we'll lose out, just.




I spent a couple of years in Edinburgh and met many individuals from both sets of fans.

The only set that ever aped either of the Glasgow bigots were Hearts fans. 

The Hibs fans were generally decent folk, focussed solely on football and the occasional skirmish with away fans.:rolleyes:


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2 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

Alternatively, tune into Sky Sports. :lol:


Nothing wrong with passive supporting. As you and your "mate" Shull have previously said,  you've paid your dues. 

You'll miss me going over 3 rows arse before tit when our winner goes in , in the 84th minute. 


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Quite enthusiastic about this game today, for a change, as we really have been playing well, along with getting results, for a wee while now.

As usual, please get off to a fast start, don't get entrenched straight away, sure they will have periods of possession but when we get the ball let's do what we've been doing recently, get forward by passing and give our forwards a chance to score.

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10 minutes ago, pondsman said:

Yesterday's results were kind to us. Whatever happens today our place in the league is secure. Anything we get from this game is a bonus. A draw would be fine, but of course a win would be fantastic, so let's get stuck into them and.....


I would take a draw now and a win at Motherwell on Wednesday rather than the other way round. Mind you….would love to be greedy and win both!

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15 hours ago, munoz said:

I do, even though the majority of his tweets happened before he was appointed Chairman. 

He should have been more careful with his valid opinions/jokes.

Was he not head of RBS ? I would of thought that any comment that could offend bank customers would a very risky pastime. Starting to wonder about this guy’s credibility.

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18 minutes ago, Slash said:

Head of Regulatory Design according to this speech. There are some cracking quotes in here about running a business and ensuring that you “maintain primary services”. He must have left that chapter behind when he joined the BoD based on many of the primary services of the club failing in the last 12months. 😂 



People in these positions quite often know what to say but, equally, don't have a clue how to make it happen, and don't really care.

As I mentioned on another thread, we need somebody at the club to take control of all the PR matters and FIX them, not hide behind umpteen excuses.

Most are not difficult and none are not fixable. 

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