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Motherwell v Saint Mirren 27 October 21


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1 minute ago, Slash said:

Looks great mate. Where’s the karaoke machine, guitar and microphone?

I think we are playing really well given the conditions. Plenty of one/two touch football along the deck as compared to the route one football that we started the season with.


It's a school night. :lol:

Games a bit flat for me, canceling each other out, half chances mostly from distance.

Half time, 0-0 for me. 

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9 minutes ago, Slash said:

Where have you been? Not seen you on here for a while. When you and J back up the road for a game?

Ha! Give us a chance mate. It’s no that long since we’ve been allowed back in.

Think we’re both struggling for this year but hope to get up for a couple of games in Jan/Feb.  Maybe one home one away. 

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5 minutes ago, saint in exile said:

Got to say the quality of Motherwell's PPv has been the best I've seen.  And their commentator has been pretty even handed.

 The St Mirren commentary team are doing not a bad job either - big Yardley is helping out.

And the team on the park are doing 'not badly' either. We've been playing some decent football and competing well. Hope we can keep it going in the second half.

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