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St Johnstone v St Mirren


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1 hour ago, Slash said:

I’ve always found Perth to be one of those stadiums that’s always cold. Our West stand is also always cold. Maybe I’m just getting old. I tried putting on extra layers, but I don’t like being a fat bastard. Harumph.

I'm almost in Perth, what a shit day, regular heavy showers and cauld, the car heater been up high most of the journey.

Mrs FS has even abandoned her shopping plans, she'll pick me up straight after the game and home. 

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33 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

Started early today, still 40 mins to kick off, at least wait till we've kicked a ball. :lol:


I going for the old reverse psychology attempt. Main to Score a hat trick!!

Having said that, it never worked with Erwin.

Enjoy the game mate. Hope your attendance brings us a bit of luck. 

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