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Heart of Midlothian v St Mirren Premiership 27/11/21


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Tickets for St Mirren's trip to Edinburgh to face Hearts on Saturday 27th November are on-sale at the St Mirren Ticket Office.

Hearts have informed us that there will be no cash turnstiles on the day of the match so tickets must be purchased in advance from the ticket office.

Please note that spot checks will be in place for this match so all supporters over the age of 18 need proof they are double vaccinated or have proof they are exempt. No refunds will be available for anyone who purchases a ticket without proof of their vaccination status. 


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As usual, more questions than answers. 

Was there any dialogue to say that we wouldn’t expect 487 to be enough based on our usual ticket sales?

Did we highlight during the week that we were looking like selling out the allocation?

Did the club ask for more tickets? 

Why did Dundee Utd get an initial allocation of 900 from Hearts then an additional 400, yet we can get neither the same amount of tickets, nor an additional allocation? 

It feels like the people at our club are all too happy just to take whatever is given to us and nobody can be bothered to ask or answer any of the basic questions. 


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58 minutes ago, shull said:

From Facebook

Hammy’s bus to hearts tomorrow is now cancelled due to too many pulls outs as people can’t get tickets.


You would think Clubs would want to sell as many match tickets as possible.


It is probably too late to get the game moved to Murrayfield to accommodate the hordes too.

 As I stated earlier this week SMFC ticketing arrangements are a shambles at the moment and the Jambos aren’t much better.  In no way am I pointing the finger at the office staff - the problems are with the hierarchy who appear to be quite happy to preside over the ongoing fiasco.

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Absolutely terrible. I cannot understand how we are so poor these days. It really feels like things are not going well at all. The organisation and communication is so poor. The club should have been pushing for a higher initial allocation and sending back any unsold tickets. Or how about they put them on sale online and let people buy them like we used to do. Honestly a premier league team in name only . 

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